Energyneering Zimbabwe POWER-ON-DEMAND utility grade systems integrate the latest Lithium Ion and Lead-acid battery technology to provide low-cost and reliable power for remote areas and new developments at the fringe of the grid. Energyneering Zimbabwe also offer Supercapacitors (Maxwell), Flywheel (Hitzinger), and Battery (Hopecke/Narada) power storage technologies for 1kW to 100MW power storage requirements with discharge durations lasting from microseconds up to 24 hrs. For 10MW to 1GW power systems,Energyneering Zimbabwe utilises Pump Hydro-electricity Storage (PHS), Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) and Hydrogen (H2) storage technologies with one day to seasonal and inter-seasonal discharge durations.


For remote locations outside the main power grids, off-grid power is essential

Regional areas, from agriculture, tourism to mining, can access electricity in more ways than ever before at significantly lower prices than traditional generation with diesel or gas. Energyneering Zimbabwe are leaders in the deployment of power solutions for off-grid sites. Our extensive and unique expertise in Microgrids, portfolio of completed projects and on-going remote monitoring for all our installations ensures reliable power where ever you are. Energyneering Zimbabwe can provide modular power solutions for sites between 10 - 500 kW load, with custom solutions for larger power needs.

Energyneering Zimbabwe's in-house engineers maintain our position at the forefront of new global-leading technologies, integrating the latest in Lithium Ion and Lead-acid battery technology, solar PV, wind and diesel generation.


With our engineering, construction and maintenance teams managing the entire process of all projects from start to finish, we can offer a complete one-stop management and deployment operation, utilising the world’s leading Schneider- Electric and Mitsubishi renewable technologies - at a very competitive cost on all designs.


Off-grid, or Microgrid systems, are fully containerised and commissioned at our workshops in Midrand. With the largest network of System Integrators in Africa, our engineers are fully remote and on-site connected, 24/7/365. They are able to travel long distances to provide complete construction, monitoring and back-up of existing and new containerised systems.


  • Staged, modular expansion.
  • Grid independence.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Grid parity today.
  • No serious lifestyle changes.
  • Option of external power source (grid, generator, wind).
  • Choose from seasonal, inter-seasonal, weekly or daily energy storage solutions.

ideal for locations:

  • Where no electricity or grid connection is available.
  • Under adverse weather conditions and at night, the system supplies power from batteries.
  • Configuration allows for single or three-phase power supply.
  • Modular scaleability allows for system expansion on a single or three-phase power line.
  • Pre-fabricated / pre-commissioned.
  • Single-Phase and Three-Phase grid-forming battery inverters.
  • Rapid deploy skid mount Solar PV framing.
  • Remote monitoring (3G/Satellite).
  • Location specific cooling systems.
  • Refrigeration lined battery cubicle.
  • Fork lift points.
  • Lighting/GPO.
  • Custom battery racking.



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