Sustainable Development Goals

OffGridBox Partnership

Our Vision is to be an innovative specialist and partner of choice through empowering a new world of renewable energy solutions and support services, delivering 100% grid independence, excellence and value engineering that is more sustainable, lasts longer and costs less today and for generations to come. Energyneering also are in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a UN’s blueprint for a more sustainable future for all.

Their adoption put environmental degradation, sustainability, climate change, and water security under the international spotlight. The global goals aim to leave no one behind and are vital to achieving Energyneering Zimbabwe’s vision for a thriving economy that works for people and planet. This has allowed Energyneering Zimbabwe to get in partnership with OffGridBox to bring water and energy solutions into Zimbabwe communities.




The founders of OffGridBox have been in the solar industry for over 15 years, but when they started doing energy products that were slightly smaller scale to allow them to go deeper in the village, they encountered challenges such as roofs that could not support a solar system, schools with no spare space for technical equipment, and found themselves with a high tech solution that was not easy to install.


OffGridBox was born from this desire to bring solar to communities in the most rapid way possible, enabling us to serve more needs. OffGridBox is an all-in-one sustainable solution providing clean water and solar power to people in remote areas. Projects range from disaster relief to rural electrification, and most recently, we have added desalination as a new challenge, serving coastal and island communities with fresh water.


Founded in 2016, OffGridBox is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with an office in Kigali, Rwanda, and manufacturing in Arezzo, Italy. Boxes have been installed in 14 countries all over the world. Our focus is on Sub-Saharan Africa; our biggest portfolio is in East Africa at the moment.

Products & solutions

The OffGridBox is a mobile and modular 2x2x2m container with solar panels on the top and a water purification system inside. Our unit is one solution to three problems: lack of access to energy, lack of access to clean water, and lack of access to connectivity. The box is manufactured in Italy, can be transported to anywhere in the world, and then deployed on the spot within 4 hours.

We provide households with a solar powered battery pack, 3 led lights, a phone charger and a clean branded jerry can. In exchange for a small fee, our base of the pyramid customers can recharge their 40Wh power bank to light 3 lights for 4 hours, charge their phone or power small electronic equipment, plus collect 5-10 litres of purified water each time.


We also add a micro-grid to the box, in order to power a grain mill, a welding machine, an ice machine, a water pump, a drip-irrigation system or other types of productive use equipment. The box can also power an institutional building like a school, a field office, or a clinic. Especially in these times of a COVID-19 pandemic, electrification of rural health care is essential.


The OffGridBox is operated by two women from the community for each box. They receive training in technical, bookkeeping and sales & marketing skills, which adds to women empowerment. We monitor technical performance and customer behaviour from remote, and use the same 3G/4G signals to provide internet/WiFi to the community.



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